Latvian Christian Radio
Lāčplēša 37, Rīga, Latvia, LV-1011, +371 67213704
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Vārds & Co, SIA, Latvijas Kristīgais radio
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Lācplēša 37, Rīga, LV-1011
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Tālivaldis Tālbergs, президент

Truth in words and music, 24 hours a day. Latvian Christian Radio is heard in Latvia already for 15 years. Openly about the truth. The objective: To help people understand the Bible as God's message to mankind. Ensure the cooperation of various Christian denominations. The spiritual principle: To consider the Bible the only criterion in our activity, as God's inspired, flawless and authoritative word. The task: The LCR challenge is, by recognizing Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the only Saviour, to declare His gospel to the population of Latvia. LCR spiritual program is implemented by creating the following programs: Bible text reading; Biblical text reflections and sermons; Christian literary readings; Different genres and styles of Christian music; Educational programs; Programs for children; Programs about various problems in society; Information about life of Christian denomination in Latvia and the world; Live broadcasts with audience participation; News programs and advertisements. Inter-faith cooperation: LCR as a form of cooperation among Christian denominations encourages recognising different denomination Christians as members of the one body of Christ. LCR invites representatives of various Christian confessions to mutually respect one another. LCR calls to refrain entirely from on-air disagreements caused by denominational differences. LCR encourages different denomination Christians to be united by preaching the Gospel.

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