LSEZ Laskana Ltd.
Brīvostas 40, Liepāja, Latvia, LV-3405, +371 63423111
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LSEZ Laskana SIA
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Brīvostas 40, Liepāja, LV-3417
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Gunvaldis Vēsmiņš, Board chairman

Laskana is a timber port, which is occupied in wholesale trade of pulpwood, firewood and bio fuel – woodchip and shingles, shingle briquettes and granules. We produce a part of the woodchip and firewood, the rest production is purchased. Our key prerogatives are the ice-free port of Liepaja, advantageous geographical location and a highly developed infrastructure, which allow processing of freights, which come up through railway, sea and land. Total area is 7 ha of which 80% are covered by plates of reinforced concrete. The company has a railway supply road with the total length of 366 metres where 20 freight cars can be supplied and unloaded at the same time. There are 3 port halts, 2 halts with the total length of 340 metres and depth of 6.5 metres. One of the halts is 100 metres long and 3.5 metres deep. Area of the warehouse is 6000 m².

Pine-tree pulpwood / Fir pulpwood / Birch pulpwood / Aspen pulpwood / Conifer / Firewood / Wood chips / Wood / timber / forests / felling / granule / wholesale trade / pulpwood / biofuels - chips and sawdust / port services / freightage / goods and industrial machine repair services / tyre repair / engine and gearbox repair / welding / milling / hydraulic brake diagnostics specialist services / repair / car repair / crane truck services / industrial technical services / transport services / dumptruck / goods car /
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