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Bill Johnson in Riga!

Preacher of God's presence and 
His immense love and grace!

Bill Johnson and his wife Brenda are senior pastors in the church „Bethel”. As a minister, he has been richly endowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit already in the fifth generation. In His view healing and deliverance are self-evident manifestations that should follow the preaching of the Gospel. If we learn to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit and obey His leading we will also be able to do the things that Jesus did when He was destroying the works of the devil. Healing is children's bread. He is convinced that God's miracles are not for some special occasions but for everyday life therefore under his ministry people receive healing from cancer, bone fractures and intellectual and emotional problems.

People in Bill Johnson's churches get prepared and trained to be a light to bring the salvation message to their homes, workplaces, schools, universities, etc. „We owe love to the world. We are obliged to introduce people to our Savior. We have to desire from all our heart for more people to meet Jesus,” says Bill who is on fire for proclaiming the Gospel with power, just like Jesus did.

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