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  • Dani Johnson in Latvia 21.03-23.03

Dani Johnson in Latvia 21.03-23.03

Dani Johnson — grew up on welfare in a violently abusive and drug-infested home. She was emotionally, physically, verbally and sexually abused on a regular basis. The personal trauma and violent conditions that Dani identified as home were all she knew. Consequently, she was pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21. Instead of accepting what life had so far scripted for her, Dani rewrote her own playbook, chapter by chapter — and by 23 she was a millionaire. In the years since, Dani Johnson has become a multi-millionaire many times over, owns five companies with her business partner and husband Hans, is a best-selling author, internationally sought-after speaker and radio show host.

The remarkable results and testimonials from clients that have poured in over the years, with hundreds of thousands of referrals, helped her garner the attention of national media: Dani has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, and was recently the season premiere star of ABC’s Secret Millionaire. She is regularly called upon by major media for her expertise in the realms of personal wealth and finance, and has recently been featured in USA Today, Forbes,, AOL Finance, Fox Business News and Variety, to name only a few.


  • March 21st – GROOMING THE NEXT GENERATION FOR SUCCESS* – (Anniņmuižas bulvāris 26a, RSU Medical Education Technology Center, 4:00 PM);

  • March 22nd – FIRST STEPS TO WEALTH**   /RĪGA – (Republikas laukums 2a, Citadele Conference Hall, 10:00 AM);

  •  March 23rd – FIRST STEPS TO WEALTH   /LIEPĀJA – (Brīvības iela 39, Liepāja Olympic Center, Hall of Roses,4:00 PM).

*Grooming The Next Generation For Success will help you to answer questions like: How do I handle my screaming infant/toddler when I can’t even understand what it is that they want? My 9 year old is an angel at school but is often rude to his father and me at home. How do we break this before he becomes an out of control teen? I have trouble knowing whether my young teenager is telling the truth. How can I get them to want to “be real” with me? Is there a way to help my soon to graduate daughter become more responsible with money? Can I mend a relationship with my adult child?

** In First Steps To Wealth you can learn step-by-step strategies to making more money in less time with less stress; get what it takes to stay ahead in a changing world and experience a lifetime of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment; discover million dollar income growth and wealth development principles; get the tools you need to become an indispensable asset in every area of your life; discover the Powerful Mindset of an Entrepreneur and how you can put advanced strategies to work for you; put an end to small thinking and ACHIEVE Results!

Contact me for more details on reservation of tickets. Or call 20218123.