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  • Leadership institute with Kris Vallotton

Leadership institute with Kris Vallotton

Leadership institute 

A Foundation Dedicated to the Development of World-class Leaders 

Leadership institute  was founded with the distinct purpose of molding and equipping exceptional leaders from every realm of society for the unique challenges that face 21st century organizations and governments.  With globalization, the information age, technological advancements and social networking emerging at warp speed, even the most highly trained post-modern leaders are finding themselves ill-equipped to lead their organizations through this cultural reformation.  As If that wasn’t perplexing enough the international recession has dramatically increased the complexity of the world, causing many leaders to look for new ways of managing their organizations and governments.  

Leadership institute is designed to meet these challenges with advanced ways of thinking, innovative core competencies and skills. Eric Hoffer said, “Learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully prepared for a world that no longer exists.”  It is critical that we continue to embrace cutting-edge revelation as we forge our way through these new realms of cultural intricacies. Old institutional and bureaucratic mindsets are relics of the industrial age and simply will not solve the multidimensional challenges that face today’s forerunners.  We need to develop new ways of thinking so that we can reinvent our organizations and governments to maintain their relevance in the midst of our rapidly evolving society.  

Objectives: Training Leaders in the Art of Carrying Authority and Governing People


  • Creating a Culture that Empowers Team Synergy

  • The Art of Healthy Confrontation

  • Core Conflict Resolution

  • Discovering and Deploying Catalytic People

  • Molding Champions

  • Managing Your Inner World

  • Discovering Who You Are and Who You Are Not

About the Founder: Kris Vallotton is the Author of 8 books including his best selling book entitled, “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty.” He is also the co-founder of BSSM, which is the largest Sevis accredited vocational school in America, with more than 1600 full time students. Kris is the founder of Advance Redding, an organization dedicated to the positive transformation of his own community. He is an entrepreneur who has owned 9 businesses over 30 years, including a consulting firm.  Kris Vallotton is a much sought after conference speaker. He has a passion for leadership and often consults as a futurist for governments, businesses, entertainment and religious organizations. He has been married to Kathy, his childhood sweetheart, for 36 years. They have 4 grown children and 8 grandchildren. Kris resides in Redding, California, USA.