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The best businessman / Jeff Usner

The young and hard-working businessman Jeff Usner who most of all wanted to provide a dreamy childhood for his children and wonderful living conditions for his wife, was stuck in heavy debts. To improve the situation, he worked day and night, without seeing his wife and children, until this rhythm of life was stopped... Jeff's story: My usual work day was interrupted by a call from my wife, who at the time was with expecting our third child in the ninth month. Crying, she whispered: "Jeff, there is something wrong with our son, we are in the hospital, I’m waiting for you!" It was one of the hardest days of my life. Our little boy had died. Although the baby had died in the womb, he still had to come to this world. I attended a birth where my wife with tears in her eyes tried to give birth to our dead child. I looked at her as a miracle. I always knew that she was a strong and wonderful woman, but there I saw her afresh. Speaking about the event, just today I realize how great was my baby son James’ purpose for my life. After four months, running my usual distance at the gym, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the whole body. It felt like my head was going to explode. I was taken to the hospital. Once all the main tests were carried out, I went back to work. In the office I called two trusted people who were Christians to me, told them my situation and asked them to pray for me. A moment later, I got a call from the hospital with a request to return immediately. It turned out I had a heart attack. I was astonished – me? Heart attack? A thirty-four-year-old man who regularly exercises and consumes ecological food? How could this happen? I take care of myself! Coming to the hospital, I heard these words in the spirit, "Without Me you are nothing, but with Me you can do everything! You're healed! "I knew it was an answer to my colleagues’ prayers. In the hospital after taking more tests the doctors were amazed and said that there was no sign of the heart attack, and I was perfectly healthy. I knew it was God. Once, when I had come back from work, I realized that there is money on my bank account only for a few days. As a painful sting in my heart there came a revelation: I have failed, and I need help. I cannot be a great father to my children or a good provider and husband to his wife. I fell on my knees in the middle of the living room prayed: "Jesus, be my Lord, I give all of myself to you - my success and failures, my joys and sorrows, my needs, concerns and dreams. Please be the Lord of my life, I can no longer do without you. I have completely failed, help me! " Over the next eight months, I was free of debt. They did not vanish or were deleted, but God gave me new ideas. I learned new skills, and doors opened up to me. I myself had come to the point where no matter how much I wanted something, I couldn’t do it, but by giving my life to God, I began to dream and see new visions. While my priorities weren’t in the right order, God could not help me. I had been running after money and achievements, leaving everything else to the background. However, when I put the relationship with God as the highest and most important priority, then there began an apparent breakthrough in the relationship with my wife and children. I reduced my working hours by almost half, believing with my whole being that that God is my provider. It didn’t happen in one moment. It all started with my heart - my way of thinking and seeing changed, and then came faith. I still clearly remember the time when, sitting at the work desk and thinking what and how to do, God spoke to me: "I'll show you, trust Me. I'm the best entrepreneur. Look at the world, how finely it is designed and set up. If only you hold fast to me, we will succeed." He gave me new solutions and opportunities, plans, holding on to which I was richly blessed. In the first year I already earned 360 thousands, today I have a business worth millions. I recently participated in a U.S. television show "Secret Millionaire," in which I had a great opportunity to tell the message of Christ to low-income people and bless them with the fruits of their labour. God has blessed me so that I have enough and there remains for good deeds. My main message: arrange your priorities! When you wake up, look for Him! When you need advice, turn to Him. When you can’t deal with the responsibility, seek Him. When you cannot love your wife - look for Him; when the children disobey - look for Him. With our own strength, we can’t do much, but with God we can do all things.